About us

Hi there! My name is Ágúst and I and my husband (Sæþór) have a dream. Our dream is to have the freedom to not have to wake up at 7:00 in the morning, to not have to go to our car in the cold while it’s still dark and drive to work. We would like the freedom to not have to spend 8 hours (at least) every weekday working on company projects for “the man”. They might be fun projects, but for creative people that have a ton of hobbies there just does not seem to be enough time in the day for anything but the essentials. After doing house chores and work, there is precious little time left to grow as a person, to develop new skills, to expand artistic ambitions, to build that garden shed or to explore the country side. You get my point.

Our goal is to become financially independent before we turn 40. We already started this journey 4 years ago when we moved back to Iceland from Germany, right after the financial crisis and we are 34 now. We invite you to share our struggle as we explore how we can best realize our dream of financial independence and hopefully help and motivate others while we do so.

Meet the crew:

Ágúst, the programmer


Benjamin, the 3D Artist


Daníel Valur, our boy


Ágúst is a programmer, currently working as an Android developer. Ben, or Sæþór, is a 3D artist and is currently working as a freelancer and taking care of Daníel. Daníel is currently 15 months old and getting more precious every day. He can’t help right now but we are sure he’ll love to go to Virginia and help in the mountains in just a few more years.

We’re really looking forward to this project. Even if it might seem like slow progress, something is always happening. The cogs never stop turning, at least not for long.